Character Homes

On December 11, 2013, City Council endorsed the Heritage Action Plan that introduced new criteria to be statisfied prior to demolition of pre-1940 homes. The intention is to perserve character homes with potential heritage value. However, this will directly impact the redevelopment potential of current home owners. For example, those properties deemed to have character merit/heritage value, the City will have no obligation to approve any conditional uses under the applicable zoning by laws. Call Ryan to see what other limits the new procedures will have on your property. 

Certain zonings (i.e. RT-3, RT-7/8, RT-10, RM-1 and RT-11) already have rules to assist the City in identifying character homes. According to the interim procedure, the City will adopt the same identification procedure to properties with all other RS-# zonings. Note that the interim strate gies does not apply to RS-1 zonings. 

The City will first identify a character home using the "date threshold" (e.g. check if the building was built pre-1940). Second, the City will use the following checklist to help staff identify character homes (if four checklist items are statisfied, the perperty is deemed a character home): 


1) Original massing and roof form

2)Original open front porch or veranda, or only partially filled in

3) Original cladding or replacement cladding consistent with 1940

4) Period windows (50% or more), with original location, size and shape

5) Original casings or trim (50% or more) such as around windows and doors

6) Period details or decorative elements (2 or more of brackets, beams, joist ends, etc.)

7) Other period features (porch, roof, foundation, etc.) 


Contact Ryan today so he help you navigate your way through the City's new procedure. 


Link to City document: